It's possible... have financial well-being in line with your values. invest capital in people who can use it to change their lives. leave a legacy of justice and sustainability for future generations. know that both your financial concerns and life values are heard. join the power of organized money to change the world.

...for you to choose what to invest in and what not to invest in.

With Just Money Advisors, it's possible.

The clients at Just Money Advisors tend to be people of deep commitments, people who work for peace, look for ways to create more justice in the world, make choices that minimize their negative environmental impact. They come to the financial planning process with strongly held values that they want to apply to their financial lives.

But they also hold strong commitments to the financial well-being of themselves and their families. They want to make the most of their incomes with good tax planning. They want to finance their children's college educations in a smart, ethical way. They want to manage their retirement wisely.

The good news is that with Just Money Advisors, it's possible.

Just Money Advisors is proud to be a part of Natural Investments, LLC

Just Money Advisors is a part of Natural Investments, LLC.      Natural Investments is a great group of values-driven financial professionals.  Learn more about Natural Investments here.