Our environmentally sustainable business practices

These are some of the ways we keep our business environmentally sustainable.

Our award-winning landscaping

Our award-winning landscaping



Just Money Advisors is located in the historic Douglass Loop in the Highlands area of Louisville, Kentucky.  Local businesses abound in this area.   Just Money Advisors partnered with Dropseed Nursery to bring a beautiful array of local and native plants to their property, attracting native pollinators and smiles from local neighbors.

The native landscaping serves as a support to honey bees, native pollinators, and as a rain garden.

The local neighborhood association honored Just Money Advisors with the 2012 Blossom Award "in recognition of outstanding support toward protecting, preserving, and improving Louisville's historic Belknap neighborhood."  



Project Warm insulation

Project Warm is a non-profit organization that provides free weatherization education and services for low-income households in Louisville. They also occasionally sell and install insulation for a small business.


Minimum paper use

There is simply no such thing as a paperless financial advising office since hard-copy signatures are still required on many documents. Just Money Advisors have developed a 'hybrid' system where paper use is minimized and electronic documents are used wherever possible. 

Other practices

Recycled office paper (100% recycled content, maximum post-consumer use) and paper products

Thorough recycling of paper, plastics, glass, etc.

Programmable thermostats, fluorescent lighting and replacement windows

Eco-friendly cleaning products purchased at our local hardware store and Douglass Loop neighbor, Naturally Horton's