Our Resources

A key resource available to clients of Just Money Advisors is Natural Investments, LLC, an independent investment advisory firm that specializes in serving socially conscious individual and institutional investors.

Natural Investments supports a network of licensed investment professionals like those affiliated with Just Money Advisors and designs investment portfolios to help clients achieve their financial goals while reflecting their vision of the future. Through Natural Investments, Just Money Advisors can offer a range of investment programs and client services. In addition, when necessary, we can call on the expertise of other advisors in the network.  

Just Money Advisors is small, offering the benefits of personal attention and individual relationships. But the added scope of Natural Investment's services and resources and a network of experienced SRI colleagues and industry leaders allow us to offer many of the advantages of a large firm at the same time.

Andy Loving and Susan Taylor are Investment Advisor Representatives of Natural Investments, LLC, doing business as Just Money Advisors.