What do JMA staff have to say?

A lot, of course. This list is a sample of our publications and productions.

About Socially Responsive Investing and Better Business

“Capital Improvement– Even Global Banks are Catching On: B Corps are Good Business,” by Susan K. Taylor, Sojourners magazine, June 2018.

“The Rule of Law, Wealth Inequality, and Our Response,” by Joel Koerner, for the Spring 2018 newsletter of Natural Investments, LLC.

“Good Cop, Bad Cop and Shareholder Engagement,” by Andy Loving, 2017,

“Financial Planning for Dementia,” by Susan Taylor, 2017,

“Bigger SRI tent holds problems along with possibilities,” by Andy Loving, 2015,

“What is a Just Return?” by Andy Loving, 2014,

Women Invested, video interviews with women in the social investing industry, by Carrie VanWinkle and Malaika Maphalala,

From a Spiritual Perspective

What About Our Money? A Faith Response, by Susan K. Taylor. This book is a study resource commissioned by United Methodist Women for their 2018 issues study. Available in English, Spanish and Korean.

Three-part podcast for Simple Living Works by Susan K. Taylor, based on her book What About Our Money? A Faith Response. 
Part 1: “Wrestling With Systems,”
Part 2: “Matters of the Heart,”
Part 3: “Giving and Investing,”

“From ‘Noble Poverty’ to My Brand of Joy,” by Carrie VanWinkle, originally for Green Money Journal, Nov. 2017, available at

“What Do We Hope For? Reflections on a Visit to Haiti,” by Susan K. Taylor, originally for the Winter 2016 edition of the Natural Investments newsletters. Available at

“Retirement, Money and the Reign of God,” by Andy Loving, from Money & Faith: The Search for Enough, Michael Schut, ed.

“Investing, the Poor and Social Change,” by Andy Loving, from Money & Faith: The Search for Enough, Michael Schut, ed.